A Grand Junction man has been convicted of distributing thousands of fentanyl-laced pills. After an 11-day jury trial in Denver, 55-year-old Bruce Holder has been found guilty of Distribution of Fentanyl Resulting in Death and numerous other charges.

According to the Department of Justice, Bruce Holder worked with his wife, kids, and others to distribute counterfeit pills. He imported tens of thousands of pills from Mexico to Grand Junction between 2017 and 2018. The pills appeared to be 30mg Oxycodone pills, but were counterfeit and laced with fentanyl.

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A young man in Carbondale passed away after taking one of these counterfeit pills in 2017, which according to evidence, wouldn't have happened if there wasn't fentanyl present. According to the Department of Justice, although Bruce Holder knew of the death, he still imported and sold them. The fentanyl-laced pills were still distributed, even after Bruce was arrested.

After he was arrested, he discussed plans with his business partners which involved destroying evidence and possibly murdering a cooperating witness. Bruce Holder has now been convicted of the following charges, according to the Department of Justice:

  • Conspiracy to Distribute Fentanyl and Counterfeit Substances
  • Distribution of Fentanyl Resulting in Death
  • Distribution of Fentanyl
  • Distribution of a Counterfeit Susbstance

Bruce Holder from Grand Junction has been convicted, but not sentenced. According to the Department of Justice, United States District Court Judge Christine M. Arguello will impose a sentence at a later date.

According to the Department of Justice, Special Agent Deanne Reuter stated that the:

DEA is very happy with this verdict, Holder is someone who has shown a disregard for human life that you don't often come across.

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