Move over, Midwest. According to Expedia travel reviews from 2020, Coloradans are pretty friendly, too. PR Newswire shared the list of 20 towns and cities across the U.S. where residents are the most welcoming, and two Colorado destinations made the cut. 

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At #20, just barely landing on the list, is the luxury ski town of Aspen. While most of us can't afford to vacation there, if you can, you can expect a warm welcome to the slopes.

Farther up the list, cracking the top five at #3 is Manitou Springs, Colorado. PR Newswire shared that Expedia users said, 'art lovers will enjoy the galleries, restaurants and boutiques in Manitou Springs, and can even spring for a hot air balloon ride.' That, and it's likely a more affordable destination than Aspen.

The top town on the list is Whitefish, Montana, which you've probably never heard of, but you probably have heard of Manhattan, New York, which was ranked #14 (which is kind of surprising).

You can see the full list from PR Newswire here.

Colorado's Safest Cities

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