I posted a Facebook question asking what you want to see come to Grand Junction in 2020, these are the results.

While the original question asked what store you wanted to see come to Grand Junction in 2020, Panera Bread got a considerable amount of votes. While you can purchase some of Panera's products like soup locally at City Market, Safeway, and Target, the Grand Valley is certainly missing out on some delicious sandwiches.

Coming in at number four is another restaurant, the fast-food giant Jack in the Box. While there are Jack in the Box restaurants in Colorado, they're mostly concentrated in Southern Colorado following a tragic incident in 1993.

It seems like it's been decades that Coloradans have been asking for an In-N-Out Burger restaurant, and it's finally happening. However, the restaurants will be located in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and the Denver area; quite a drive for someone that lives in the Grand Valley.

Coming in at number two for the Grand Valley's most desired businesses is the popular chain store Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's is basically a grocery store that offers healthy, high-quality food at more reasonable prices than, say, Whole Foods or Sprouts.

Finally, the store that received the most votes was Costco. Costco is very similar to Sam's Club in that you need to be a member, and they offer wholesale prices in a warehouse environment. Although we do have a Sam's Club in Grand Junction, many people prefer Costco for their bulk needs.

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