Everyone thinks they have the next great invention, the problem usually is, it probably already exists and was invented by someone way smarter than you. If you want to be really good at inventing, you have to think outside the box a little, like this guy... With tiny diapers made for the tip of your wiener to prevent male spotting. 

No guys like male spotting, it can be really embarrassing. Well now there’s a solution because sometimes no how matter how much you jump and shake, a little pee still comes out. Honestly this beats the bulk of a full size diaper.

Brooklyn-based writer Craig Rowin stars as Ed Daniels in “Thingstarter: Tiny Diapers for the Tip of Your Penis,” a Kickstarter parody following Ed as he tries to crowdfund his “handcrafted tiny diapers that soak up that extra drip that sticks around after a guy pees.” The Thingstarter parody was written and produced by The Bilderbergers and directed by Ben Weinstein.