Northern Colorado doesn't seem to have as big of a problem with porch pirates as other areas of the country thankfully. But, if you've ever had to deal with a package that has been stolen, you know it is infuriating!

An engineer and inventor by the name of Mark Rober had a package stolen off of his front porch and he came up with a brilliant idea to get some revenge on scum bags that decide to simply take what isn't theirs. He over engineered a package that when opened will spin out ultra fine glitter and then literally gas them out with a fart bomb! To top it all off, it is all recorded on video to catch the porch pirate's reaction! See the video now!

Since the video came out yesterday, it has over 6 million views. My favorite part of the video is when the unsuspecting suspects get put out by the fact they've been duped and now their vehicles and homes have been covered in glitter that will probably never come out and the stench that comes along with it!


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