Christmas is coming and so are all of the Christmas parties. I was struggling to find a gift for the 95 Rock Christmas party, so I asked you on our Facebook.

According to you, these are the perfect gifts to give to your coworkers at your next Christmas party. The best part about them is, they're all cheap.

The limit for our White Elephant gift exchange we're doing during our holiday party is $10. And you can buy a lot of different things with ten bucks, just look.

Scratch Off

We received a lot of comments saying lottery tickets are the way to go. I personally love lottery tickets and would be stoked to get some at a company Christmas party.

Munch Down

According to you, food is another way to win your coworker's love. There are a lot of options when it comes to food, from chocolate to hot sauce.

Drink Up

Booze is usually what I end up getting for company Christmas parties. Instead of putting the bottle in a bag and calling it a day, you had some creative ideas to gift your coworkers the Christmas spirit in the form of spirits.

Smell On

Everyone loves things that smell good, but I'm not sure if I can see my coworkers using some of these things. I'll spare you from the bath bombs, boss man.

More Festivities

Here are some other suggestions for your next company Christmas party. I love the idea of giving a coworker a movie night basket. I'm sure some of my coworkers would enjoy these, but definitely not all of them.

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