We all have things on our Christmas wishlist from a new Mustang to student loans being paid off. This is what's on Grand Junction's Christmas wishlist.

For Christmas, I'd like some new shoes and to spend time with my loved ones. I asked 'what's on your Christmas wishlist?' on our Facebook and this is Grand Junction's list.

Dear Santa,
We've been good this year and this is what'd like for Christmas this year (please):

I think everyone can agree on this one. That's a Christmas gift I'd be extremely happy with.

This car is a beauty. Personally, I wouldn't opt for the yellow, but it's on Lorri's list. So Santa, work some Mustang magic.

Every time I see the price tag on one of these I just gasp. I understand why it's on Mern's Christmas list.

It seems like student loans tend to linger, even after you're done with school. Santa, please make this Christmas wish happen for Ashley.

I love this part of Grand Junction's Christmas wishlist. Everyone wants their bills to be paid but spending time with loved ones is the best Christmas gift of them all.

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