Christmas is right around the corner and I needed to get some shopping done. I was on a mission so I went downtown to make it happen. I wanted to find something Grand Junction-esque but I didn't want to spend too much money.

I walked into Candle Kitchen off of 5th Street and immediately started sniffing around -- literally. I ended up making two custom candles and choosing two of their existing scents.

I customized my candles by mixing their Palisade Peach scent with Burnt Sugar to create something extra sweet for my family.

I mixed the two scents until I got it to a scrumptious scent and then mixed the scents into the wax. I waited until the wax was dry and had four candles - which was two Christmas presents for less than $30.

Here's what I made my family for Christmas:

  • Mom - 1 Palisade Peach + Burnt Sugar candle and 1 Mango candle
  • My boyfriend's mom - 1 Palisade Peach + Burnt Sugar candle and 1 Bacon candle (it truly smells like bacon)

I have a feeling they're going to like my personalized, Grand Junction-esque gifts. As I stated in the video (right before my cat decided to make an appearance/end the video) I had so much fun making these candles and hope they have as much fun burning them.

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