I had only been in Junction a few months when City Of The Weak last rolled into town. Since then this band out of Minneapolis have been working their tails off, improving with every gig, and are set to return on April 4th.

Originally from a small town in Montana, the band moved to Minneapolis (much larger live music scene I'm sure) and took that city by storm. After years of hard work and relentless touring, they're on the brink of a breakthrough.

Tim Binder

It all started with Stef when she pulled guitarist Brent and bassist Cody together while she was just a teenager. In the four years since they've played festivals like Chicago's Open Air, Northern Invasion, Warped Tour dates, and Rock Fest. It's one of those bands you've got to see to appreciate. With every show, they gain new fans. They starting touring in 2012 and have been averaging about 120 shows a year.

They're having success online as well.  They're "Censor This" video has had over 850,000 views. The single ended up charting at #19 on the Active Rock Indie Label Chart.

Tim Binder

Their new single "Ungrateful" hit Rock radio earlier this month. This video too is off to a big start with just 10k views as of this afternoon.


Their first full-length album will be available Summer 2017, followed by main stage performances at Rock USA & Rock Fest Cadott in July. Like Muen Magazine said, "City of the Weak is going to be a band to look out for in 2017 and beyond." I couldn't agree more.

Catch City Of The Weak and a band my friend Jesse James Dupree manages, Wayland, at The Mesa Theater Tuesday, April 4th. Get your tickets now by clicking HERE.

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