Utah County just south of the Salt Lake City metro in our neighboring state to the west is lifting a ban on outhouses. Is Mesa Country next?

There are less and less of us among the living that can recall using an outhouse on a regular basis.  "Indoor plumbing" has been standard equipment in most homes now for well over one-hundred years. Gone too are the days of old newspapers and catalogs from retailers as toilet paper. The catalogs served a dual purpose, also giving one something to read. What did we ever do before smartphones?

Utah County is lifting a 60-year ban on the structures. The Utah County Board of Health voted Monday to allow the outdoor bathrooms. The catch is the builder must put up a $2,500 bond to guarantee they are kept in good working order. Whatever that means.

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We've all been forced into using the infamous port-a-potty. Perhaps it was at a festival, concert, or another outdoor happening. It's a reality of life. I'm not sure why the Board of Health in our neighboring state has lifted the outhouse ban. Is this becoming "a thing" too? More natural? Water conservation?   I'm not sure. Perhaps someone can ask the question at the next city council meeting and find out if counties here in Colorado are considering lifting such bans. I mean if an outhouse is coming to your neighborhood, wouldn't you want to know?

Credit: KKCO-TV

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