According to the latest data over $35 million in marijuana tax revenue was generated statewide in 2016. Obviously, the larger metro counties made the most. The question is "Why doesn't Mesa Country want in on the action?"

There are 64 counties in the great state of Colorado. Nearly half are cashing in. The amounts vary greatly. One remote mountain country made just over $70,000, while in Denver the number was over $14 million. Neighboring Garfield County collected over a half a million in marijuana tax revenue and the parking lot is always full at Tumbleweed in Parachute.

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

The top 10 counties breakdown as follows...

10)  La Plata – $578,510

9)  Weld – $859,723

8) Pueblo – $1,006,238

7) Adams – $1,467,544

6) Larimer – $1,643,216

5) Jefferson – $1,826,287

4) El Paso – $2,736,640

3) Boulder – $2,740,623

2) Arapahoe – $3,259,868

1) Denver – $14,129,757

I don't really have an opinion either way. It just seems to me that weed sales are here to stay so why let the extra revenue go someplace else? I do know that it matters little if it's local, state, or federal, there's no such thing as too much tax revenue. I think it's time Mesa County take a closer look at the opportunity and cash in like everyone else.

Courtesy: Westword

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