A girl in middle school gets caught at school with a marijuana vape pen, it’s confiscated by school officials. Do you think the consequences should go past taking the illegal contraband on school property? I truly thought that more people would say that middle school is too young and that the girl should be punished. But that didn’t seem to be the case with one girl from Longmont, Colorado and the reactions that she got from people when her story was reported on social media.

The details came from a police blotter list of crimes from the Longmont police department and reported by Longmont Times-Call. When school officials took the marijuana vape pen from the juvenile student she admitted that she had been using the pen all year prior to being caught with it. The school and the girl’s mother both agreed that she should attend the ReWiND program.

The Comments on Social Media is What Really Caught My Attention

Just about anyone who went to public school isn’t shocked that marijuana is found in middle schools, and high schools. And it’s not shocking to find someone who is caught for marijuana in school. But the comments from people saying I’m glad the internet wasn’t around back when I was in school or wishing they had a vape pen back when they were in middle school was a bit shocking.

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What Punishment Makes Sense for a Student in Middle School Caught With Marijuana?

Marijuana is legal in our state if you’re over a certain age, but obviously not for a middle school girl, and not allowed on school property. But what kind of punishment makes sense to you?

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