There was a pretty wild finish to this weekend's NASCAR truck race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.  During the last lap, John Hunter Nemechek, who was in second place, was aggressively gunning for the leader, Cole Custer.  After bumping Custer numerous times, Nemechek finally succeeded in sending him into the wall while coming around the final turn.  Both cars went off the track, smashed into the wall, and crossed the finish line IN THE GRASS!

While it was immediately unclear who won the race, Nemechek declared himself the winner and attempted to get the checkered flag from the flag man.  Since the end of the race was under review, he didn't immediately get the flag, giving Custer enough time to get out of his car, charge at Nemechek and take him down!  Unfortunately, this fight was broken up way too quickly!  But what a finish!