Nothing says "spring" like the smell of burning rubber and race fuel. The Western Colorado Drag Way season opener is this Saturday.

It's another sign that winter is indeed in the rear view when it's time to go racing. I've always been a race fan. I'm good with an afternoon at the track, matters little if the cars are going around in a circle or ripping down the quarter mile.

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Motorsports is one of those things that TV just doesn't do justice. You not only see, hear, smell, but feel racing. It's a multi-sensory experience. At my last radio gig in Topeka, I was fortunate enough to live and work close to a couple monster race tracks. The Kansas Speedway and Heartland Park-Topeka. My last year there I made it out to both the NHRA Kansas Nationals in the spring and the NASCAR (at the time Sprint Cup) race in the fall. Both were equally entertaining.

So when I saw that racing was returning to the Grand Valley this weekend, I was fired up. I've not made it out to the Western Colorado Drag Way yet. Now's my chance. The first competition of the season is this Saturday. Hello racing, goodbye winter.

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