City planning to connect the Lunch Loops and Riverfront Trails.

Last night the Grand Junction City Council discussed a plan to connect the two trails by building a concrete path that will start at Lunch Loops and across to the Riverfront Trail.

The path will create a safer means to access both bike trails. The plan calls for a nice 10ft wide concrete path to the Lunch Loops trail-head, which will also be connected to the Riverfront Trail and downtown.

The bike trail connection will cost about $2.5 million dollars. Good news is that a big chunk, 1.5 million, is coming from a Get Outdoors Colorado grant. Grand Junction taxpayers will be on the hook for about a 1/4 million.

As part of the project, the entrance to the trail-head will be moving. The idea is to move the entrance from its current location closer to the restrooms and towards the back of the parking lot. No word at this time on when the project will be completed.

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