The Hyundai Super Bowl ad reminded me of when I was growing up. I was a little older than the kids in the commercial and a bunch of us had gone to the park to play a little game of football. It was a nice early spring day and back then we would go outside to play.

We had played for a bit and had a good game going. Then Danny got hurt and we had to stop the game to call his mom, also back then there where pay phones in the park. Danny’s mom was PISSED-OFF when she got to the park. She chewed our butts out and later she came around to chew our parents out. I will have to say most of us thought that was pretty funny.

See Danny had caught a swing pass as he came out of the back field and as he turned the corner a couple of us collided with him. Danny few over the top of us and started screaming before he hit the ground, when he stood up his left arm was hanging around his knee. Danny had broken his collar bone and I mean broke his collar bone right in half. He spent the rest of the school year and part of the summer in one of those straps that keep your arm on your tummy.

There was one good thing from this for Danny. See in my school if you where hurt you got to leave class a little early and you could choose someone to help you. You always choose the hot chick in class.