These Grand Valley locations have sold the most winning lottery tickets.

The Mega Millions jackpot is heading to record levels. With no winner in Tuesday nights drawing the jackpot has soared to $900 Million! That sum would be the second-largest payout in US lottery history! If you were to be the lone winner, the lump sum cash payout would be a cool $513 million! Nobody won the jackpot Tuesday evening but nine matched all five white balls. Eight of them won a cool $1 million each, and the other got the Megaplier to bump their winnings to $5 million.

Friday's drawing is scheduled for 9 PM Mountain time. With that kind of money on the line, you'll want every advantage you can get. You may have your own lucky store, if not, here are some local stores that according to Colorado Lottery officials are the best bets to sell you a winning ticket.

#1-City Market, 200 Rood in Grand Junction has had 4 winners of about $43,000 in prizes.

#2-City Market, 562 32 Road, Grand Junction has had 3 winners.

#3-City Market in Rifle, 1320 Railroad Avenue has had 3 winners of about $6,000.

#4-Safeway, 2901 F Road, Grand Junction has had 3 winners.

#5-City Market at 2770 HWY 50 in Grand Junction has sold 2 winning tickets for the sum of $4,500.

Other Grand Junction winning locations include...Love's Travel Stop, Gofer Foods in The Redlands, City Market at 630 24 Road, Safeway on Horizon Drive, Lucky Me 2902 Patterson, City Market 2600 N 12th, Diamond Shamrock 1015 North Ave, C & F Food Store 2847 North Ave, BG's 2896 North Ave, Stinker Store 2903 North Ave, Maverik 3249 F Road, East Valley Liquors 418 32 Road, Fruitvale Shell 401 30 Road, City Market 2770 HWY 50, Gofer Foods 2714 HWY 50.

There have been 4 winning locations in Montrose...Humdingers 2020 N Townsend, Smart Market 950 Spring Creek Road, City Market 128 S Townsend, Stop N Save 2291 S Townsend

Oddly enough there have been a couple winners in Cedaredge. The Cedaredge Foodtown and Go-Fer Foods.

So, there you have it. The "luckiest stores" in the Grand Valley. Good Luck!

Credit: Fox31 

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