Colorado Lottery profits go to preserve and protect Colorado’s outdoors.

You blew several bucks the last couple weeks on the Mega MIllions $1 Billion plus dollar jackpots. Chances are you didn't get much in return...or did you?

Ever wonder where the lottery profits go? Well, back in 1992 Colorado voters made a wise decision. They declared that the profits from Colorado Lottery ticket sales would go towards preserving the great outdoors. Here's the breakdown...50% of the profits go to the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Trust Fund. 40% to the Conservation Trust Fund and the final 10% goes to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife general fund.

So, how much did these organizations rake in over the last couple weeks? That total is still being tallied. What we do know is that on Monday there were nearly $3 million dollars in lottery ticket sales. According to Tom Seaver of the Colorado Lottery, "Twenty-four cents of that [of every dollar] goes right to our beneficiaries..." Based on that, Monday's ticket sales netted $720,000 that went to organizations that protect and preserve Colorado outdoors. It appears we're all winners after all.

Credit: 9News

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