The first Olathe Sweet Corn of the year is in

It was another one of those "it's can't really be that much better" kind of things. My first Palisade peach shocked me on how much better it was. I mean Missouri isn't Georiga but the state grows a mighty fine peach. Those back home aren't close to the ones grown in Palisade. Sweet corn was a staple in my grandma's garden. We couldn't wait to get some of that fresh sweet corn in a pot and slather on some butter with a sprinkle of salt. Now nothing beats a fresh homegrown tomato but a fresh ear of sweet corn is a close second. So again, I've had my share and was skeptical when I heard all the hoopla about Olathe Sweet Corn. After one bite you know, yep it is better too!

The first of the season is ready! "This is the first field of this season and as you can see, we now have to harvest by hand," says John Harold with Tuxedo Corn Company. The Olathe operation has 130 people picking and packaging their 90-acre crop. The famous ears of corn are shipped all across the country. Harold's annual crop is about 37 million ears of corn each year!

He admits to being a bit nervous this year. He says, "the process has been rather difficult this year because the spring was rather cool and when it came summer it came to summer."

So hop in the car or truck and head to Olathe and grab some of this season's first sweet corn. Remember too to mark your calendar, the 27th annual Olathe Sweet Corn Festival is Saturday, August 4th.

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