I've heard lots of talk about how wonderful the Olathe Sweet Corn is. Local farmers are hopeful recent record cold nights haven't harmed the harvest.

I'm from Kansas City but was raised in rural Southwest Missouri so I know a thing or two about gardening. I can grow some mean tomatoes and have pulled a few weeds from more than a few gardens. I love sweet corn and looking forward to trying my first Olathe Sweet Corn later this summer. That is if there's no damage from the cold.

Scott Olson

Thursday nights low dropped into the 20's. That's cold for late April and because of the warmer weather earlier this spring many crops were ahead of schedule.

The problem isn't the cold so much as is the length of the cold. A full night of record cold can do damage. A couple hours below freezing is fine, anything longer can be a problem. So far, things appear to be ok and there isn't permanent damage to the stalks.

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Good news too is that farmers haven't planted all the corn. So even if some that were planted earlier is damaged, the corn yet to be planted will obviously be fine.

So no need to panic just yet. It looks like there will be some of the famous sweet corn at some point this year. Hope so, I haven't tried it yet.  It's on my list, right behind one of those Palisade Peaches!