I had some time to kill Sunday afternoon so I figured I'd roll up on The Grand Mesa and see if there was any Aspen action. I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a bit of color. My guess is we're a least a couple weeks out from peak, but it's getting there.



As you wind your way through the canyon on Highway 65, and finally get a clear view of the Mesa, you can spot the splashes of yellow near the top. As you cruise past Powderhorn you begin to see scattered Aspen's along the way.  By the time you pop up about 9,000 ft there's full blown yellow trees on both sides of the road.


Up on top where the Aspen gives way to the pines, the fall colors are mixed in among the bushes and smaller trees.  It feels like fall on top too. The temps were only in the mid-60s in the late afternoon.

I hope to make a couple more trips up on The Grand Mesa in the following weekends. I hope to see you there. Aspen's rock!

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