Today I want to take a moment and say happy 56th birthday to Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay the funny man that woman just love to hate.

The Dice-Man got his start in the late 70s on the East Coast but didn’t breakout until his move to Los Angeles.

Clay got his big break in 1988 thanks to comic great Rodney Dangerfield. Clay did a seven-minute set during a Dangerfield special and caught the eye of HBO. The cable network gave him a special called ‘The Dice-Man Cometh’ and the rest was history as they say.

Clay was never one of those politically correct comics and that lead to his short shot at stardom. He ticked off more than a couple of woman’s groups with his sexist jokes. Some woman’s groups would protest his shows and some female comics wouldn’t appear with him.

In 1989 Clay was banned for life from MTV when he did his nursery rhymes bit during the Video Music Awards show. They would lift the ban in 2011 but he never really was as big as he was at the time of the ban.