We didn't really know what to expect from our hometown NBA squad, Denver Nuggets, coming into this season. The team fired it's leader, George Karl, lost it's general manager, lost some key players, and also has a few other guys out hurt. The season started slow, but then the Nuggets started winning. That winning has stopped, and the Nuggs have now lost 8 in-a-row, and we figured out why! 

Even while they were winning, the team was a little slow getting games started. So the new headman for the team, Brian Shaw, took a look at what the team was eating before games. Shaw found a whole bunch of pizza, nachos, and junk food. So, coach put his foot down and banned all junk food.

What happened next???

The Nuggets have went 1-8 since the move, their once-winning record has dipped below .500, and the team who was right in playoff contention is now 5 games out of the final spot...

The players are clearly seeing the effects (besides losing games) as well. Andre Miller got into a heated argument with Coach Shaw on the bench, most likely over the pizza, and has been suspended 2 games. Wilson Chandler protested of the decision in a sly sort of way by donating 80 pizzas to a Boys & Girls Club for Christmas. Plus, don't they look hungry in that picture above? Oh, and did I mention the team has lost 8 games straight?!?

Is it too late to ask for George Karl, and some pizza back to Pepsi Center???