The famous wooden troll will be back this spring!

Since Isak Heartstone's dismantling back in November his fate has been uncertain. However, it appears a deal has been struck to bring the giant back to life. In a press release last week, Breckenridge city officials said they have reached a deal with the sculpture’s creator, artist Thomas Dambo and with the Breckenridge Creative Arts, proclaiming the trolls return to Breckenridge in mid-May. However, his return will likely not be in his previous location.

His fame was ultimately his undoing. Complaints were reported to local officials as more and more people came to town in search of the giant troll. The city of Breckenridge says there were issues with traffic, trash, parking and safety along the trail. The trail leading to the big guy was directly behind homes in the Wellington neighborhood. After residents voiced their concerns city leaders decided to remove the troll citing safety concerns following some late November winter weather.

Breck city officials say there will be an open house on the evening of March 4 at the Breckenridge Recreation Center where residents can learn more about the process, location, and logistics for his rebuild. After Isak's removal, a 'troll task force' was formed that included townsfolk, representatives from the Breckenridge Creative Arts, and the Breckenridge Tourism Office. The group has been meeting regularly to work on a gameplan for the troll's return with possible new locations and a management strategy.

We are extremely excited to have reached an agreement in this process,” says Breckenridge Councilwoman Wendy Wolfe, “Our committee has been working very hard, and we are confident in the outcome. We are looking forward to giving Isak a new home in Breckenridge.”

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