Breckenridge City Council votes to remove the troll.

It's always "safety concerns" that wrecks most fun stuff. Citing "illegal parking, littering and a severe loss of privacy..." the locals living around the troll say he's got to go. Wait a minute, wasn't he built to draw traffic to a local festival? Now that the show's over the trolls success is unwelcomed. Didn't anyone think of that before he was built?

Anyway, the Breckenridge City Council say's time to "say goodbye to Isak Heartstone." That's the trolls name. The 15-foot wooden work of art sits a mile up the Wellington Trail in Breckenridge. Constructed as an attraction for a summer art festival apparently, he's worn out his welcome. The guy originally was to remain in place as long he could hang in or wasn't vandalized. However, council members voted Tuesday to overturn that idea and remove the guy. Still no word on when he'll be dismantled. If you were thinking about getting a selfie with the troll better head up to Brek soon. The dudes days are numbered.

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