Colorado clearly has a great sense of humor -- you can tell just by looking at our signs. These signs in Indian Hills are hilarious and among the best signs in Colorado.

The Indian Hills Community Center in Indian Hills, Colorado is crushing the sign game. They've posted some hilarious messages on their marquee right next to Parmalee Gulch Road. Here are some of the Indian Hills Community Center's best/funniest signs:

Our Mountains Aren't Just Funny They're Hill Areas

It's not just Coloradans who have mad jokes -- the mountains in Colorado are funny too. Wait, they're not just funny, they're hilarious.

Forget World Peace Visualize Using Your Turn Signal

This sign cracks me up, especially considering how people drive around Grand Junction. (What turn signal?) First, let's focus on the small stuff, like we using your turn signal.

Life is Short If You Can't Laugh At Yourself - Call Me, I Will

The Indian Hills Community Center has crushed the sign game again. It's important to laugh at yourself because you can't take life too seriously and also, someone else always will.

Cow Stumbles into Pot Field! The Steaks Have Never Been Higher

This is by far one of the best signs in Colorado. Just seeing this sign would not only make you immediately smile, but also want to check this place out, just because of their hilarious signs.

Tried to Grab the Fog I Mist

Not only is this sign at Indian Hills Community Center very punny, it's even more perfect because of the background. And if you try to grab that fog in the, it won't be a hit, it'll be a mist.