There are so many cool street names here in Grand Junction. Street names here in Grand Junction range from 'Purple Ash' to 'Pauline.' These are Grand Junction street names that could ask double as baby and pet names.

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    This is conveniently the street our radio station is on. I could see this being a kid's name or a small dog's name.

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    I think this is a classic name for your kid or for your pet. Obviously we have a lot of Mesas around, but I'm not sure how many there are when it comes to people or pets. Mesa Court is right off of 5th Street and Orchard Avenue.

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    I'm already picturing a very classy (and spoiled) pet or kid. I see Wellington with a rich family and their own custom made dog house/play house. Wellington Avenue and Wellington Court are off 12th Street and Patterson.

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    'Minnow' is an adorable name for an adorable baby. (Human baby or fur baby.) I can see 'Minnow' being a tiny little thing. Minnow Drive is off of 25 1/2 Road and W Orchard Avenue.

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    I actually have met someone here in Grand Junction with the name Onyx. I think it's a cool name that reminds me of Pokemon. Onyx Drive is off of 25 Road and F 1/2 Road.

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    I love deer and their dainty nature. I could see a kiddo or an animal (that's not a deer) with this name for sure. Fawn Lane is off Broadway and leads to the Monument Canyon trailhead.

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    I'm kind of mad I didn't think of this one when I adopted my cat. Guess I'll just have to get another pet. Milo is an absolutely adorable name. Milo Drive is off of 27 Road.

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    If you give the name 'Bacon' to your kids, I hope you like them as much as you like bacon. Bacon Court is off of 27 Road and Unaweep Avenue.

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    Jay Lee

    This street name already sounds like a real name. It's two words so you could even have your kid's or pet's first and middle name taken care of. Jay Lee Street is off of 32 Road.

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    I used to have a teacher with the last name 'Perkins.' I hope your kids/pets named 'Perkins' are the opposite of my teacher. Perkins Drive is off of 31 1/2 Road.

  • 11


    If this name was given to a dog, I picture it being extremely fluffly. This could be a unique name for you kiddo too, considering I've never heard of it. Other than Shoshone Street off of F Road.

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