Everywhere we go we are bombarded with signs, many of which we choose to ignore, but this is one sign you better not miss.

Driving 75 miles without gas isn't normally a big deal. But, when you see a sign that specifically warns you "NO GAS FOR 75 MILES" it suddenly sounds like it's a big deal and if feels a little eerie.

This warning sign is posted outside the tiny northeast Colorado town of Brush as you head south on Highway 71.

There was a time when you could get some gas about 30 miles down the road at Last Chance. Nowadays there is no chance at Last Chance.

Last Chance, Colorado
Google Street View

The next opportunity for gas is Limon, located just off of Interstate 70. As you can imagine, they do quite a good gas business there.

The point is, we often times drive 75 miles without stopping. Most of the time gas is available in the event you do need it, so you don't worry about it. But, when you are flat out told there's no gas for 75 miles, it makes you stop and look at your gas gauge - just to be sure!

Pity the poor guy who didn't see the "NO GAS" sign and ended up out of gas, stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

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