When I saw this, it hit home. My son's about to graduate high school and those SAT tests can make or break a kids chance to make it into the college of their choice. Tomorrow the Mesa County Library is inviting kids out for a chance for a little practice.

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

The timed SAT prep test is scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday, March 11th at the Central Library, 443 North 6th here in Junction. At the time of this posting, there were only a few slots left. You can find out more info by clicking HERE or calling 970-243-4442.  If your son or daughter can grab a spot they'll need to bring a calculator and a couple no.2 pencils. There is no charge to take the practice test.

They say "practice makes perfect." No need for perfection. However, the higher you kid scores on the real thing can have huge ramifications for their future, and us parents too. It's not too late to get signed up. And "good luck!"

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