Mesa County Library

Test Time
When I saw this, it hit home. My son's about to graduate high school and those SAT tests can make or break a kids chance to make it into the college of their choice. Tomorrow the Mesa County Library is inviting kids out for a chance for a little practice.
Time To Fly
I've always loved to fly. Ever since I was a kid, flying has intrigued me. If you've ever dreamed of taking to the skies, the Mesa County Library can help you get started.
Mesa County Libraries Comic-Con Is This Saturday!
Nerds unite! Back at my rock station in Topeka, Nikki our rock chick was a HUGE comic fan and she wore the "nerd" badge with pride. It's no longer a derogatory term. If anything, it's the new cool. This Saturday is the annual Comic Con at The Mesa County Library…

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