In the radio business, you move quite a bit. Every new job opportunity means a move to a new market. Every town is unique and offers its special sights and sounds, I've found the local library offers much more entertainment, information, and fun than you might think.

I know, you're thinking, there's no way the Mesa County Libray can be all that cool. Truth is, there's more to the local library than a bunch of books.


Perhaps you've always wanted to learn to play an instrument. You can do that at the local library.  If you just love listening to music, you can spend hours in their massive music library. They have audio files of all kinds. It's a great way to kill an afternoon.



There's videos, movies, and all those books. The cool thing too is you don't have to even go there to enjoy a book. Digital versions of your favorite book are available to read online or download to your tablet.


 The library is also a great place to relax and take a break from the daily grind. The patio is beautiful and a great place to chill on an afternoon.

Also too, there's cool events and happenings. The Mesa County Library Comic Con is Saturday, October 8th. Over 1,600 came out for last year's event so if that's your kind of thing, you won't want to miss it. It really makes no difference what your thing is, the Mesa County Library has something for you. Yep, it's true, libraries rock! See you there.


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