Be careful. Tax season is scam season.

Excited to collect a nice tax refund? So are criminals. It's one of the busiest times of the year for scammers. Let's face it. Taxes are a pain. It's confusing stuff and predators pray off the uncertainty that comes with tax filing. And nobody wants to get on the IRS's bad side so when you get a call about your taxes, it gets your attention. It's that fear that drives the tax season scammers.

So far in 2018, Grand Junction Police have had two persons report they've been ripped off by scammers. One person lost over $1,200. Most calls are a voicemail or automated system that say that you need to call to resolve a possible problem. They make the situation sound desperate or a worst case scenaio.

Tips to remember. First, the IRS would never call you. All of their correspondence is done via the postal service. Second, It's always best to file your taxes early. The longer you wait the more time thieves have to access your personal information. Finally, if anyone calls and is demanding payment, especially in the form of gift cards or money orders, that's trouble.

Hang up immediately if you receive one of these calls. Report the incident to the GJPD and inform your friends and family so they can avoid trouble.

Credit: KKCO-11News

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