During this COVID-19 pandemic, most people are staying home which is exactly what all Colorado citizens are being asked to do right now. Unless you need to go out for essential necessities such as food or medical supplies. One thing we know for sure is the more person to person contact we have the easier it will be to spread the virus, which is why our Grand Junction Police Department is taking extra steps to make sure they are practicing social distancing as much as possible.

We got word this morning that the Grand Junction Police Department is operating under their 'Accident Alert' protocol until further notice. What exactly does this mean to you? It means, if you are involved in a crash that results in no injuries, drugs or alcohol are not suspected as a factor for the crash, and it is not a hit-and-run, then you are being asked to exchange information and just complete the police report information online by clicking here.

As a Grand Junction citizen myself I think this makes perfect sense. Obviously, no one wants to get into a crash, but they happen. But if we can minimize our law enforcement exposure with other people, therefore, lowering the risk of them getting the virus, this is a good idea.

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