It's always fun to play the game of 'what if?', especially when it comes to music.

Sure, sometimes we get treated to performances at award shows featuring members of different bands coming together for a one-time appearance, and the recent Taylor Hawkins tribute shows gave us plenty of cool collaborations, but the imagination can really run wild if you let it.

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We all have an internal list of musicians that are now deceased that we wish we could have seen in concert and lament the fact that doing so is no longer a possibility. The dream of seeing Freddie Mercury share the stage with Dave Grohl is just that, a dream.

However, our imaginations can conjure up endless combinations of musicians that are really fun to share and discuss with others. Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking if you could create your own supergroup with members that are dead or alive, who you would put in your band. Here's what you said:

Grand Junction Creates All-Star Supergroups with Deceased Musicians

Let's start with the musicians that have left this earth and that we will never see in concert again. Some of these legends that were used to make supergroups by Grand Junction residents include Freddie Mercury of Queen, Eddie Van Halen, Neil Peart of Rush, and Frank Zappa, just to name a few.

Grand Junction Creates All-Star Supergroups with Living Musicians

Of course, every great supergroup needs some masters of their instruments and these groups were no different. Some living virtuosos mentioned in responses to my question include Dave Grohl, Zakk Wylde, Les Claypool, and local guitar legend Nick Sanchez, to name a few.

Take a look at these very cool supergroups created by the minds of Grand Junction residents:

Very Cool Rock Supergroups Made Up by Grand Junction

Some members are living and some are dead, but all of these super groups created by Grand Junction residents would rock.

Deceased Musicians Grand Junction Misses the Most

According to you, these are the now-deceased musicians that you miss the most.

Deceased Musicians Grand Junction Regrets Not Seeing Live

According to you, these are the now-deceased musicians you regret not seeing perform live while they were still alive.


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