Are you ready to make your way through chest-deep Colorado snow to make the descent into a spooky, abandoned Colorado mine? Could this be the Lost Hobo Mine?

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Heads Up: Exploring places such as this, even under ideal conditions, is potentially dangerous. This explorer is doing so unaccompanied and without the proper gear.  

Join The Quest For Colorado's Abandoned Lost Hobo Mine

Legend has it there is an abandoned gold mine in Summit County, Colorado. It's not particularly easy to find. As a matter of fact, I haven't a clue how this explorer managed to locate its entrance. It would have been difficult under any circumstances. Add three feet of snow to the mix, and it borders on impossible. I can't find my car in a Walmart parking lot, so don't ask me how this explorer found a three-foot opening to a mine buried under several feet of snow.

The Story Behind This Abandoned Mine in Summit County, Colorado

According to Treasurenet, the story goes a little something like this:

There is a long-haired scruffy fellow, living in an abandoned gold mine here in Summit County Colorado. Once a week he ventures into Whole Foods n buys $800 worth of tasty food. He pays with crisp $100 bills and always has a raggedy empty burlap sack tucked into his waist.

This Is No Walk On The Beach

Speaking as a native Coloradoan (I've been here so long I still say 'Coloradoan' and not "Coloradan') I wouldn't go down into that cavern for all the money in the world. That looks incredibly dangerous, even under ideal conditions.

According to the video, our guide walked for a solid 30 minutes through chest-deep snow just to get to the mine's entrance.

Do You Want To Explore This Mine?

Our intrepid guide has been kind enough to provide the GPS coordinates. Then again, maybe he's not so nice. Check out where these coordinates will get you.

39.612114, -106.054300

Lost Hobo Mine GPS Coordinates
Google Maps

Okay, haha, that's not very funny. That's not even nice. One can't help but gather the explorer wants to keep the mine's location all to himself. The coordinates he gave put us right in the middle of Dillon Reservoir.

Where To Search In Summit County Colorado

Where exactly is the mine, then? Obviously, the coordinates given are bogus. So, where do we search next? The information provided narrows it down to Summit County, Colorado.

Summit County Colorado
Google Maps

Summit County is home to several mines, including:

Keep Your Eyes Open For Something Disturbing

One Youtuber stated, "DUDE!! DID NONE OF YOU SPOT THE KID'S GLOVES?!!! I WOULD REPORT THAT TO AUTHORITIES!!" The person posting the video responded they had not spotted the childrens' gloves. I have yet to see them, either. I checked again, but I don't see them.

For all we know, this cave dweller is sending us on a wild goose chase. Then again, that cavern is pretty cool. Obviously, someone spent a considerable amount of time in this old mine.

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