Head's up, beginning Monday, June 19, the Mesa County Road and Bridge Department will start working on improvements at the north end of 27 ¼ Road, north of H Road.

What is the deal? I've seen more road construction in the last week than I have in my nearly one year living here in Junction. This project is a culvert that needs replacing. 27 1/4 road will be closed to all traffic.


The improvement site is located near the entrance of the Book Cliffs pistol range.  Access to the pistol range will be interrupted, the rifle range will still be accessible. Bureau of Land Management staff recommends the public use the rifle range entrance to access the Book Cliffs Shooting Range.

Mesa County appreciates the public’s patience during this necessary road improvement project. There's no word yet on how long it will take to complete. For more information, call or text Stephanie Reecy at (970) 640-7732
Credit: Mesa County News

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