Three lawmakers are proposing the Colorado Parks & Wildlife move to the Western Slope.

State lawmakers would like to see Colorado Parks & Wildlife follow the Bureau of Land Management and move their offices to Grand Junction as well. “With the (Bureau of Land Management) headquarters moving to Grand Junction, it would be appropriate for Governor Polis to move Colorado Parks and Wildlife to the West Slope, too,” That's Republican Representative Matt Soper's thoughts. “If Denver really cares about rural economic development and helping the West Slope, then relocating CPW to Grand Junction would be a win-win-win for the State.” Matt Soper is from Delta. Two other Colorado House Republicans, Janice Rich, and Perry Will are also supporting the idea.

Grand Junction was excited to hear that the BLM was moving its offices, along with 190 employees, to the Grand Valley. The move would also add about 27 local jobs. Colorado native and US Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt announced a couple of weeks ago that the BLM was indeed moving to Grand Junction.

What would the addition of the Colorado Parks & Wildlife offices mean for the area? It would no doubt be a big shot in the arm for the local economy. Representative Soper says that Governor Polis was open to the idea. “I’d like to see Mesa County become a hub for public lands management and perhaps the state and the federal government could develop a joint complex for public lands,” says Representative Rich, of Grand Junction, “This is the perfect time for Colorado to seriously look to moving the Colorado Parks and Wildlife to the Western Slope, as well.”

Sounds like a good idea to me. I'm sure most of you would agree. We shall see.

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