Cites across the country are banning straws. Should Grand Junction? Colorado?

It's catching on. Cities across the country from Malibu, California to Miami Beach, Florida are restricting the use of plastic straws. I admit I'm not a big straw guy. I prefer to drink my beverage straight from the glass. However, I'm not sure banning their use is going my make much of a dent in our landfill and litter problem.

In many places across the country, Malibu and San Luis Obispo in California, Fort Meyers, and Miami Beach in Florida, and Seattle, Washington, have all banned or limited the use of plastic straws in restaurants.

What will we do if they're outlawed? If you're in your car how will you prevent a mess if you need to take evasive action? What about milkshakes? Isn't sucking the thick treat through a straw half the fun? We'll have to "drink" them with a spoon? Isn't that just ice cream?

The "no straws" trend is catching on and right here in Colorado. At Jimmy’s Restaurant in Aspen, they've done away with disposable plastic straws. Instead, a paper or compostable straw is made available if you insist on one with your beverage.

What are your thoughts? Are you for the idea or is this just more government interference and a waste of time? I tend to agree with the latter. Don't we have bigger problems to tackle?

Credit: Denver7

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