Is it time for school schedules to match that of parents?

Why does school start so early? I wondering that when I was going to school...a long time ago. I remember the challenge of getting my son back and forth from school every day. When he was in middle school I would have to take my lunch break late in the afternoon to go by and pick him up. Fortunately for his last few years of high school, his grandparents were around to help out.

The school schedule seems to be stuck in the 50's when moms stayed at home and were around to send the kids off and be home to greet them after school. That's not today's reality. Families now require both parents to work just to make ends meet.

Another issue is the number of days kids are out of school. School districts aren't in session an average of about 30 days a year. Meanwhile, most workers only get about 16 days off. I wish I had that many. I beleive we have 5 paid holidays. With kids out of school so many days finding childcare can be a problem.

Why not a 9 to 5 school day? That works better for parents. Plus teachers would enjoy that extra time every morning. With all this talk about teens needing more sleep, wouldn't that fix that problem too? Kids would get more rest and perform better. Parents would save money on childcare. No more hassle of rushing to school to drop-off or pick-up the kids. What do say? District 51 ready to go 9 to 5?

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