The Mesa County Fire Marshal is asking for your help to determine the cause of the Rosevale Fire.

You can help solve the mystery as to the origin of the fire. The blaze Monday evening damaged several structures and forced the evacuation of 363 homes. The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public's help on how and where the fire started.

The first reports came into Grand Junction Regional Communication Center at 7:27 Monday evening. Anyone with information, photos, or video related to the start of the fire are asked to contact the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office at or call (970) 244-3919.

There were no reported injuries due to the successful evacuation following the emergency notification. If you and your family are interested in receiving evacuation notifications sent directly to your phone you can do so through the Mesa County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Managment. Find how by clicking HERE.

Credit: Press release from the offices of Megan Terlecky

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