The San Juan National Forest budget cuts will force more change to campgrounds, trails and other recreation sites. The budget has been on the decline since 2006 and could drop below $2 million by 2018.

The Forest Service has already cut their full-time employees from 17 to 11 and now it looks like we could see the closing of campsites, trails and new camping fees.

That means what was once an affordable family camping trip will cost you more with less access to developed recreation sites. That is a real shame as family camping trips have always been a great affordable vacation in America.

I remember packing up everything the night before and hitting the road early the next morning for the Ozarks. We would spend the week swimming, fishing, cooking out and catching poison ivy.

It was a blast and I looked forward to it every year but now as more budgets are cut access to the great outdoors is dropping.

Before you plan your next family camping trip the San Juan National Forest you might want to call ahead to book your site (970) 884-2512.

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