I dont consider myself sexist, but there is seriously only one sport that I would rather watch women play than men... Tennis. Besides being very competitive and animated, the chicks all seem to be supper hot and wear hardly anything... The latest to join the ranks of tennis goddess, German, Sabine Lisicki.

Last week at Wimbledon she knocked out ladies tennis powerhouse Serena Williams and caught everyone's eye. She hasn't stopped since, set for the Finals tomorrow against Marion Bartoli.

While I could honestly give no you know whats who wins the match itself, I can't help but take a shining to Sabine. Her strong Teutonic frame making me wonder what it might be like to let her take a two-hand backhand whack at our balls (tennis balls, of course). Not a traditional model hottie, still, there's something about Sabine that has my grass court temps rising...

(All photos courtesy of Getty Images)