Many claim that "pot profiling" by border state police is a thing. Have you been pulled over in a neighboring state for no apparent reason?

It wasn't long after recreational marijuana was legalized here in Colorado that reports of "pot profiling" started popping up. Many that travel for a living report being pulled over numerous times by bordering law enforcement, especially by state police. About a year ago a federal court declared profiling wrong calling for its end in the state of Kansas. Some claim it's still happening.

Every time go home, I make that trip across on I-70. I've not been pulled over but I can certainly relate to those that make the drive. It's long and hard enough to not have the added stress of being pulled over. Especially for little or no reason. There are numerous patrol cars on the highway that's for sure. I've seen several cars pulled over along I-70 too. I'll be driving home for Christmas in a few weeks. To reduce wear and tear on my truck I often rent a car. I wonder if I'll find myself pulled over for other reason than having Colorado plates on the car? Have you experienced this? Do you believe it's real?


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