It's no secret that last winter really wasn't a winter, at least when it came to snowfall. That's normally good for drivers, but not good for skiers. Well, if you're a skier I have some good news for you. This winter could be amazing for skiers thanks to some dude called El Nino.

Out of curiosity - and way too much time on my hands - I decided to see what the weather guessers were saying about snowfall this winter. I found out a couple things. First of all, upper elevations - like Powderhorn - can expect big time snow. Second, I learned that El Nino is not a guy after all.

My friends at the National Weather Service in Grand Junction would get a good laugh out of me trying to interpret why a major El Nino means more snowfall. Suffice it to say - in my usual second-grade level of speaking - that it brings more moisture to our area in the cold areas where it will become snow.

So, party on ski Wayne and ski Garth, cause this winter may be a doozie. And, that could be good news for the companies that sell skis.