Our Japanese counterparts have been producing vending machines for years that vend items such as alcohol, cigarettes, clothes, produce and flowers. Traditionally, America is usually a few steps behind Japan, but not for long.

The November elections legalized marijuana in two states, Washington and Colorado. Now, California is producing a machine that will dispense cannabis in a box called a MedBox. They have been using the machines for numerous medical marijuana groups and soon it will be available to the public.

Back in the 90's, parents started fussing about the use of cigarette machines and the lack of control and supervision these machines had. I can't wait to hear what parents and adults through out the state are going to say about these machines.

In Colorado and Washington, you must be 21 or older to purchase, smoke or possess marijuana. I imagine these machines will need to scan a valid State I.D. in order to purchase the product.

Right now, MedBox's are kept behind counters at all Medical Marijuana facilities. The current version of the machines, according to Medical Daily, "rely on a fingerprint scan that verifies the identity of the patient, which is linked with a prescription kept on file. The company also helps operators become licensed in states that have licensing laws."

I'm also excited to see what kind of products will be sold in these machines. Will they have edibles like pot brownies, hash cookies, THC suckers and more? Will you have a choice of a nickel bag, dime back, quarter ounce or more? Will different flavors be available like Purple Kush, Blueberry, Paonia Red, etc?