The new law goes into effect Friday, August 2ed.

The new Colorado law approved by lawmakers last spring goes into effect (today) Friday, August 2ed. The controversial law allows doctors to prescribe medical marijuana instead of traditionally-prescribed opiates to patients. The idea behind the law is to try and curb opiate use and addiction.

This law allows patients to decide if they would prefer medical marijuana as an alternative for any diagnosis. And there lies the rub for some, “Our real concern is that a patient would go to a physician with a condition that has a medical treatment with evidence behind it, and then instead of that treatment, they would be recommended marijuana instead,” claims an Aurora, Colorado doctor. “This will substitute marijuana for an FDA-approved medication — something that’s unregulated for something that’s highly regulated,” continued the physician.

Several states have approved cannabis for medical use and some, of course including Colorado, have legalized sale for recreational use. As far as the federal government is concerned, marijuana remains an illegal substance.

Is allowing patients the option to use weed instead of FDA approved drugs a good idea? Will they be getting the treatment they need? Or it's their body, shouldn't their treatment be their decision?

Credit: The Hill

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