Pucker up! The hottest summer treat is pickle juice pops!

I was at a pool party recently and the most popular shot wasn't a lemon drop, kamikaze, a boilermaker, or even made of jello. It was pickle juice shots! They were really good and surprisingly refreshing on that hot summer afternoon. So when I saw pickle juice popsicles were a thing, I had to share.

This summer's hottest popsicle flavor isn't cherry or lime-aid, it's pickle juice flavor. You can make them yourself too and might actually be good for you. It might sound weird, but homemade pickle popsicles are trending. Why? They're flavorful and healthy! Doctors say that pickle juice can help prevent muscle cramps and keep your blood sugar levels in check. The new treats are gaining popularity with pro athletes too.

First, you'll need the pickle juice. Whatever's left from that jar of pickles in the fridge will work. Add some granulated sugar and you're in business. If you want your pops to pack an extra pickle punch, you can also add the leftover pickle slices. If you don’t have slices, go with whole pickles and cut them down to size.

If you want to add any other "adult additives", that's up to you. Summer's winding down so for your "end-of-summer" or Labor Day bash, try pickle pops. You might be surprised just how big a hit they are!

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