We always knew that it was probably a good idea for women, but yes in this example we are talking about males. Just when you thought the scariest thing about pissing in a urinal was standing next to the creepy old man who just insists on taking a peek at your junk, we find out there are worse things about standing at a urinal to take a whiz. 

A team of four physicists at Brigham Young University (calling themselves "wizz-kids") have been studying the physics properties of urine splash-back in a urinal-like environment. Their mission was to uncover the fluid dynamics involved in male peeing and to hopefully discern which approach leads to the least amount of splash-back (and less mess).

It's a problem males have dealt with since the advent of clothes and porcelain toilets—letting fly at the urinal inevitably results in some splash-back onto the floor, or worse, pants. Turns out that is not healthy...

Problem is, will you be made fun of in public restrooms for sitting to pee? My solution... Make fart noises with your mouth and they will think you are going #2, when in all actuality, you are just pissing.

Also, they didn't factor in how disgusting the average male public toilet is. I would much rather have my own piss on my pants than someone else's on my hamstrings!