Palisade peaches are starting to show up at stands around the valley

If you're a local that has a serious "jones"' for a peach you can head to Palisade and find some. However, if you can hold out for about another week, it will be worth the wait. "We're still three to four days away from picking. The reason we know that the peaches are not quite ready is that some of them have not shaped out", says Chris Young the owner of Bella Bolettino Farms.

It appears the dry weather isn't having a negative effect on the peaches. For them to ripen perfectly it requires a few things; warm days, cool nights, and the right amount of water. Even though the Colorado River has been low, there has been enough water to keep the peach trees in good condition.

The season is running a tad late but as they say "good things come to those that wait." Despite the delay, orchard owners are expecting an excellent harvest. Many are predicting it could turn out better than the last few.

You can find some Palisade peaches around. There are the stands in Palisade, plus a few popping up over by Canyon View Park and the Safeway store on Horizon Drive in Grand Junction...but I'd hold out if I were you and snag a huge, juicy, sweet, beauty that's just days away.

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