New townhouses are coming to downtown Grand Junction.

In the empty lot behind the old R-5 High School is a sign informing everyone that a new development is coming soon. The project is 36 townhouses scheduled to be ready later this year.

Potential homeowners will get a say in how their place will look. Builders will allow owners help pick out their carpeting, do their own painting, and customize the look of their place. The townhomes will have a two bedroom with one-and-a-half bath floor plans.

The price of the new townhomes will be around $300,000. That price could be higher or lower depending on how much of the project owners want to take on themselves.

For those wondering, the old R-5 High School building is staying put. It's scheduled to be part of a later development where the building will be restored and rehabilitated.

Of course, downtown business owners are excited about the new residents and their added boost to the economy the townhomes should be ready to move into the fall of 2018.

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